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Rusts and other fungal parasites as aids to pteridophyte taxonomy

  • Alan P. Bennell (a1) and Douglas M. Henderson (a1)


The fungal parasites of ferns and their allies have been largely neglected, both by pteridologists and mycologists. Greater interest is advocated in the light of recent studies of patterns of host specificity of such fungi on angiosperms, which have provided valuable insights into the systematics of these hosts. Our knowledge of the major groups of fungi reported as parasites of pteridophytes is reviewed, and their potential contribution to host classification and phylogeny discussed. The relationship of the Uredinales (rust fungi) and their fern hosts is examined in detail.



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Rusts and other fungal parasites as aids to pteridophyte taxonomy

  • Alan P. Bennell (a1) and Douglas M. Henderson (a1)


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