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A phytogeographical analysis of the phanerogams of Pakistan and Kashmir

  • S. I. Ali (a1) and M. Qaiser (a1)


Four phytogeographical regions of Pakistan are recognised in an analysis of the phanerogams of Pakistan. Among the uniregionals, the most common element is Irano-Turanian (45.6%) followed by Sino-Japancse (10.6%), Saharo-Sindian (9.1%) and Indian (4.5%). Though in terms of the area, the Saharo-Sindian region occupies by far the biggest territory, the density of uniregional elements is lowest in this region. Overall there are only 6 endemic genera and an estimated 372 endemic species in Pakistan out of 4882 species. Highest numbers of uniregional endemics per unit area are met with in the Sino-Japanese region, followed by the Irano-Turanian and Saharo-Sindian region. Most of the endemics (78.22%) are confined to mountainous regions (c. 1200 m or above). Four areas, i.e. Sino-Japanese region of Kashmir (10.21% endemics), N Baluchistan (Irano-Turanian; 9.4% endemics) and Chitral (9.1% endemics), may be recognised as centres of radiation in Pakistan.



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A phytogeographical analysis of the phanerogams of Pakistan and Kashmir

  • S. I. Ali (a1) and M. Qaiser (a1)


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