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Monoclonal antibodies in relation to viruses and their possible clinical application

  • P. S. Gardner (a1)


Current research into viral monoclonal antibodies is reviewed in the light of their use or potential use as diagnostic reagents. Special attention is paid to influenza, the adenovirus group, herpes virus hominis types 1 and 2, rota viruses, hepatitis and cytomegalovirus. Although monoclonal antibodies have many advantages, particularly as regards specificity, purity, reproducibility, homogeneity and availability in unlimited supplies, certain problems are inherent in their very nature. Their preciseness may in fact be a hindrance to their use in diagnosis necessitating their recombination in pools and the quality assessment of their reactions with their homologous 'wild" types presents large logistic problems. There is no doubt that a powerful new serological tool has become available but their large-scale diagnostic use may be a little premature.



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Monoclonal antibodies in relation to viruses and their possible clinical application

  • P. S. Gardner (a1)


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