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Regularity results for the 2D critical Oldroyd-B model in the corotational case

  • Zhuan Ye (a1)


This paper studies the regularity results of classical solutions to the two-dimensional critical Oldroyd-B model in the corotational case. The critical case refers to the full Laplacian dissipation in the velocity or the full Laplacian dissipation in the non-Newtonian part of the stress tensor. Whether or not their classical solutions develop finite time singularities is a difficult problem and remains open. The object of this paper is two-fold. Firstly, we establish the global regularity result to the case when the critical case occurs in the velocity and a logarithmic dissipation occurs in the non-Newtonian part of the stress tensor. Secondly, when the critical case occurs in the non-Newtonian part of the stress tensor, we first present many interesting global a priori bounds, then establish a conditional global regularity in terms of the non-Newtonian part of the stress tensor. This criterion comes naturally from our approach to obtain a global L-bound for the vorticity ω.



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