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Parameterization of the M(λ) function for a Hamiltonian system of limit circle type

  • D. B. Hinton (a1) and J. K. Shaw (a2)


The authors continue their study of Titchmarch-Weyl matrix M(λ) functions for linear Hamiltonian systems. A representation for the M(λ) function is obtained in the case where the system is limit circle, or maximum deficiency index, type. The representation reduces, in a special case, to a parameterization for scalar m-coefficients due to C. T. Fulton. A proof that matrix M(λ) functions are meromorphic in the limit circle case is given.



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Parameterization of the M(λ) function for a Hamiltonian system of limit circle type

  • D. B. Hinton (a1) and J. K. Shaw (a2)


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