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On idempotent affine mappings

  • R. J. H. Dawlings (a1)


Let V be a vector space and End (V) the semigroup of endomorphisms of V. An affine mapping of V is a map A: VV given by xA = xα + a, where a belongs to End (V) and a is some element of V. Let (V) be the semigroup of affine mappings of V.

Let E' denote the non-injective idempotents of End (V) and let ℰ denote the idempotents of (V). In this paper 〈ℰ〉 is determined in terms of 〈E′〉 when End (V) consists of all endomorphisms of V and when End (V) only contains the continuous endomorphisms (in which case we restrict V to being an inner product space).



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On idempotent affine mappings

  • R. J. H. Dawlings (a1)


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