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A non-probabilistic approach to Poisson spaces

  • Alan L. T. Paterson (a1)


Using techniques from probability theory, it has been established that if μ is a probability measure on a separable, locally compact group, then the space of μ-harmonic functions on the group can be identified with C(X) for some compact, Hausdorff space X. The space X is known as the Poisson space of μ. We generalise this result in the context of a measure μ on a locally compact semigroup S, in particular establishing the existence of a Poisson space for non-separable groups. The proof is non-probabilistic, and depends on properties of projections on C(K)(K compact Hausdorff). We then show that if S is compact and the support of μ generates S, then the Poisson space associated with μ, is X, where X×G×Y is the Rees product representing the kernel of S.



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A non-probabilistic approach to Poisson spaces

  • Alan L. T. Paterson (a1)


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