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Non-autonomous equations related to polynomial two-dimensional systems

  • M. A. M. Alwash (a1) and N. G. Lloyd (a1)


Periodic solutions of certain one-dimensional non-autonomous differential equations are investigated (equation (1.4)); the independent variable is complex. The motivation, which is explained in the introductory section, is the connection with certain polynomial two-dimensional systems. Several classes of coefficients are considered; in each case the aim is to estimate the maximum number of periodic solutions into which a given solution can bifurcate under perturbation of the coefficients. In particular, we need to know when there is a full neighbourhood of periodic solutions. We give a number of sufficient conditions and investigate the implications for the corresponding two-dimensional systems.



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Non-autonomous equations related to polynomial two-dimensional systems

  • M. A. M. Alwash (a1) and N. G. Lloyd (a1)


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