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Lower semicontinuity of multiple integrals and the Biting Lemma

  • J. M. Ball (a1) and K.-W. Zhang (a2)


Weak lower semicontinuity theorems in the sense of Chacon's Biting Lemma are proved for multiple integrals of the calculus of variations. A general weak lower semicontinuity result is deduced for integrands which are acomposition of convex and quasiconvex functions. The “biting”weak limit of the corresponding integrands is characterised via the Young measure, and related to the weak* limit in the sense of measures. Finally, an example is given which shows that the Young measure corresponding to a general sequence of gradients may not have an integral representation of the type valid in the periodic case.



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Lower semicontinuity of multiple integrals and the Biting Lemma

  • J. M. Ball (a1) and K.-W. Zhang (a2)


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