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Integral representation of functionals defined on curves of W1,p

  • Micol Amar (a1), Giovanni Bellettini (a2) and Sergio Venturini (a3)


Let I ⊂ ℝ be a bounded open interval, (I) be the family of all open subintervals of I and let p > 1. The aim of this paper is to give an integral representation result for abstract functionals F: W1,p(I;ℝn) × (I) → [0, + ∞) which are lower semicontinuous and satisfy suitable properties. In particular, we prove an integral representation theorem for the Г-limit of a sequence {Fh}h, of functionals of the form

where each fh is a Borel function satisfying proper growth conditions.



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Integral representation of functionals defined on curves of W1,p

  • Micol Amar (a1), Giovanni Bellettini (a2) and Sergio Venturini (a3)


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