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Existence and uniqueness of monotone wavefronts in a nonlocal resource-limited model

  • Elena Trofimchuk (a1), Manuel Pinto (a2) and Sergei Trofimchuk (a3)


We are revisiting the topic of travelling fronts for the food-limited (FL) model with spatio-temporal nonlocal reaction. These solutions are crucial for understanding the whole model dynamics. Firstly, we prove the existence of monotone wavefronts. In difference with all previous results formulated in terms of ‘sufficiently small parameters’, our existence theorem indicates a reasonably broad and explicit range of the model key parameters allowing the existence of monotone waves. Secondly, numerical simulations realized on the base of our analysis show appearance of non-oscillating and non-monotone travelling fronts in the FL model. These waves were never observed before. Finally, invoking a new approach developed recently by Solar et al., we prove the uniqueness (for a fixed propagation speed, up to translation) of each monotone front.



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