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The Shaugh Moor Project: Third Report—Settlement and Environmental Investigations

  • K. Smith, J. Coppen, G. J. Wainwright, S. Beckett, N. Balaam, G. Berridge, R. Browse, H. Keeley, R. Macphail and T. Wilkinson...


The third phase of the Shaugh Moor Project comprised survey and excavation work on the Saddlesborough Main reave and Wotter Common (fig. 1). Following the decision of the china clay companies not to develop the area immediately around Saddlesborough (Area Y), Watts, Blake and Bearne & Co Ltd and English China Clays Ltd embarked upon a joint tipping programme which will eventually destroy the terminal reave east of Saddlesborough and most of the monuments on Wotter Common (fig. 2).

The area to the north of Saddlesborough was surveyed in 1976 and limited excavation was undertaken early in 1977 (Site 10, Wainwright et al 1979). An enclosure, 1 km to the north-east of Site 10, was totally excavated in 1977 and 1978 (Site 15, Wainwright and Smith 1980). In 1979 and 1980 the area threatened by the quarry extensions was surveyed and a programme of limited excavation was undertaken on the Saddlesborough Main reave and Wotter Common (Site 208).



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The Shaugh Moor Project: Third Report—Settlement and Environmental Investigations

  • K. Smith, J. Coppen, G. J. Wainwright, S. Beckett, N. Balaam, G. Berridge, R. Browse, H. Keeley, R. Macphail and T. Wilkinson...


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