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The Excavation of Bronze Age and Iron Age Settlements at Trevisker, St. Eval, Cornwall

  • A. M. ApSimon (a1), E. Greenfield (a2), L. Biek, G. C. Boon, B. R. Hartley, J. F. Levy and F. S. Wallis...


The site was first occupied in the Bronze Age by a small agricultural settlement, consisting of two circular timber houses with ancillary structures and ditches. One house was eventually replaced by a stone structure. A single radiocarbon determination suggests that the settlement is to be dated within the period 1700–1300 B.C. The Iron Age settlement of Trevisker Round was probably established in the second century B.C., if not earlier. An original inner enclosure, half an acre in area, housing a single defended farmstead, was later superseded by a larger defended enclosure, 3 acres in area, also with circular timber houses and occupation areas. This occupation was followed at the end of the first century A.D., by a Romano-British phase of occupation, which lasted until the middle of the second century.



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