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Ancient Forests in Spain: A Model for Land-use and Dry Forest Management in South-west Spain from 4000 BC to 1900 AD

  • A. C. Stevenson (a1) and R. J. Harrison (a2)


Five pollen diagrams from two mires in the province of Huelva in south-west Spain are re-evaluated in the light of 15 radiocarbon dates, and multivariate numerical analyses of modern and fossil pollen samples in the region. The results of these analyses suggest that managed woodland of dehesa type can be detected in pollen diagrams, and can be interpreted within the archaeological sequence known from the area.



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Ancient Forests in Spain: A Model for Land-use and Dry Forest Management in South-west Spain from 4000 BC to 1900 AD

  • A. C. Stevenson (a1) and R. J. Harrison (a2)


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