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X-rays from the mode-switching PSR B0943+10

  • S. Mereghetti (a1), L. Kuiper (a2), A. Tiengo (a1) (a3) (a4), J. Hessels (a5) (a6), W. Hermsen (a2) (a6), K. Stovall (a7), A. Possenti (a8), J. Rankin (a9), P. Esposito (a6), R. Turolla (a10) (a11), D. Mitra (a9) (a12) (a13), G. Wright (a14), B. Stappers (a14), A. Horneffer (a15), S. Oslowski (a15) (a16) (a17), M. Serylak (a18) (a19), J.-M. Griessmeier (a19) (a20) and M. Rigoselli (a1) (a21)...


New simultaneous X-ray and radio observations of the archetypal mode-switching pulsar PSR B0943+10 have been carried out with XMM-Newton and the LOFAR, LWA and Arecibo radio telescopes in November 2014. They allowed us to better constrain the X-ray spectral and variability properties of this pulsar and to detect, for the first time, the X-ray pulsations also during the X-ray-fainter mode. The combined timing and spectral analysis indicates that unpulsed non-thermal emission, likely of magnetospheric origin, and pulsed thermal emission from a small polar cap are present during both radio modes and vary in a correlated way.



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