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Solar science at metric radio wavelengths: Coming of age

  • Divya Oberoi (a1), Atul Mohan (a1), Surajit Mondal (a1), Rohit Sharma (a1), Akshay Suresh (a2), Leonid Benkevitch (a3), Colin J. Lonsdale (a3), John Morgan (a4), Patrick McCauley (a5) and Iver Cairns (a5)...


The merits of solar coronal at metric-wavelength (MW) radio have long been recognised (e.g. Pick and Vilmer, 2008). High-fidelity solar radio imaging at these frequencies has however remained challenging. On the one hand, dealing with the small spectral and temporal scales of variation in solar radio emission requires a data product capable of tracking the emission simultaneously across time, frequency and morphology. The Fourier imaging nature of interferometry, on the other hand, severely limits the instrumental ability to gather sufficient information to do this with the required fidelity and resolution. Benefiting from the enormous advances in technology the new generation of instruments, like the Murchison Widefield Array (MWA; Tingay et al. (2013), Bowman et al. (2013)), represent a quantum leap in our ability to gather data suitable for radio solar physics.



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