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Registration of H2O and SiO masers in the Calabash Nebula, to confirm the Planetary Nebula paradigm

  • R. Dodson (a1), M. Rioja (a1) (a2) (a3), V. Bujarrabal (a3), J. Kim (a4), S. H. Cho (a5), Y. K. Choi (a5) and Y. Youngjoo (a5)...


We report on the astrometric registration of VLBI images of the SiO and H2O masers in OH 231.8+4.2, the iconic Proto-Planetary Nebula also known as the Calabash nebula, using the KVN and Source/Frequency Phase Referencing. This, for the first time, robustly confirms the alignment of the SiO masers, close to the AGB star, which drives the bi-lobe structure with the water masers in the out-flow.



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