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Prospects for Modeling and Forecasting SEP Events with ENLIL and SEPMOD

  • J. G. Luhmann (a1), M. L. Mays (a2), D. Odstrcil (a3), Yan Li (a1), H. Bain (a4), C. O. Lee (a1), C. M. S. Cohen (a5), R. A. Mewaldt (a5), R. A. Leske (a5) and Y. Futaana (a6)...


One view of major Solar Energetic Particle (SEP) events is that these (proton-dominated) fluxes are accelerated in heliospheric shock sources created by Interplanetary Coronal Mass Ejections (ICMEs), and then travel mainly along interplanetary magnetic field lines connecting the shock(s) to the observer(s). This places a particular emphasis on the role of the heliospheric conditions during the event, requiring a realistic description of the latter to interpret and/or model SEP events. The well-known ENLIL heliospheric simulation with cone model generated ICME shocks is used together with the SEPMOD particle event modeling scheme to demonstrate the value of applying these concepts at multiple inner heliosphere sites.



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