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Observation of interactions between two erupting filaments

  • Yu Liu (a1), Jiangtao Su (a2), Yuandeng Shen (a1) and Liheng Yang (a1)


Following the first observational study of the interaction between two distinct filaments (Su et al. 2007; hereafter, event 1), we present another interesting case observed by SMART telescope on 2005 June 25 with higher spatial resolution (hereafter, event 2). The two events are compared with each other. In event 1 the two filaments erupted subsequently and obvious mass flow was observed to be transferred from one erupting filament to one stable filament which triggered its eruption. On the contrary, in event 2, the two filaments erupted simultaneously and there was no transfer of material noticed between them during the initial stage. The two filaments merged together along the ejection path, indicating the bodily coalesce between the two interacting flux ropes. Moreover, event 1 was associated with a coronal mass ejection (CME), while event 2 was a failed filament eruption, thus without CME association.



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