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Multifractal spectrum of solar active region NOAA 10960 in the Hα spectral line

  • D. Batmunkh (a1)


We obtained the Hα images of some solar active regions and prominences. Our astronomical observatory has the telescope-coronagraph which was equipped with the birefringent Halle Hα filter and CCD camera Apogee U4 (2048x2048 pixels). This paper presents multifractal spectra of images of some solar active regions in Hα line obtained with the coronagraph. The Pointwise Hoelder exponents (α) and Hausdorff spectrum fn(α) for a part of chromosphere with active region and without it, have been obtained. It is visible, that curves fn(α) for quiet and active regions of chromosphere differ very strongly. In particular, fn(α) for region with a sunspot and flare has very complicated form, and for region with filament the curves do not considerably differ from quiet chromosphere. The multifractal spectrum of quiet chromosphere shows that the quiet chromosphere is very well described by fractals with different dimensions. We analyze this result.



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