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The merger debris of dwarf galaxies in the local stellar halo

  • Cuihua Du (a1), Hefan Li (a2) and Heidi Jo Newberg (a3)


Based on the second Gaia data release and spectroscopy from the Large Sky Area Multi-Object Fiber Spectroscopic Telescope (LAMOST) Data, we identified 23,582 halo stars kinematically. The halo streams in the solar neighborhood could be detected in the space of energy and angular momentum. We reshuffle the velocities of these stars to determine the significance of the substructure. Finally, we find 14 statistically significant substructures and several substructures are not reported by previous works. These structures may be the debris of dwarf galaxies accretion event and their dynamical and chemical information can help to understand the history of the Galaxy.



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The merger debris of dwarf galaxies in the local stellar halo

  • Cuihua Du (a1), Hefan Li (a2) and Heidi Jo Newberg (a3)


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