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MAXI observations of long-term X-ray activities in SFXTs

  • Hitoshi Negoro (a1)


Supergiant Fast X-ray Transients (SFXTs) are of great interest not only because of their peculiar properties but also as possible progenitors of gravitational-wave objects. The all-sky X-ray monitor MAXI/GSC has detected short flares on timescales of hours and long flares on timescales of days from SFXTs. Using nine-years of MAXI/GSC data, I attempted to search periodicity of eight SFXTs of which the one-day average fluxes were below the detection limit (∼ 10 mCrab), and confirmed the orbital periods of IGR J18483–0311 and IGR J17544–2619. This demonstrates that MAXI data are useful to find periodicities of sources even if the sources are undetectable in one day.



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MAXI observations of long-term X-ray activities in SFXTs

  • Hitoshi Negoro (a1)


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