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Magnetic fields and radio emission processes in maser-emitting planetary nebulae

  • L. Uscanga (a1), J. F. Gómez (a2), J. A. Green (a3), O. Suárez (a4), H.-H. Qiao (a5), A. J. Walsh (a6), L. F. Miranda (a2), M. A. Trinidad (a1), G. Anglada (a2) and P. Boumis (a7)...


We present polarimetric observations of the 4 ground-state transitions of OH, toward a sample of maser-emitting planetary nebulae (PNe) using the Australia Telescope Compact Array. This sample includes confirmed OH-emitting PNe, confirmed and candidate H2O-maser-emitting PNe. Polarimetric observations provide information related to the magnetic field of these sources. Maser-emitting PNe are very young PNe and magnetic fields are a key ingredient in the early evolution and shaping process of PNe. Our preliminary results suggest that magnetic field strengths may change very rapidly in young PNe.



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