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Long-term and highly frequent monitor of 6.7 GHz methanol masers to statistically research periodic flux variations around high-mass protostars using the Hitachi 32-m

  • Koichiro Sugiyama (a1) (a2), Y. Yonekura (a2), K. Motogi (a3), Y. Saito (a2), T. Yamaguchi (a4), M. Momose (a2) (a4), M. Honma (a5), T. Hirota (a1), M. Uchiyama (a6), N. Matsumoto (a1), K. Hachisuka (a5), K. Inayoshi (a7), K. E. I. Tanaka (a8), T. Hosokawa (a9) and K. Fujisawa (a10)...


We initiated a long-term and highly frequent monitoring project toward 442 methanol masers at 6.7 GHz (Dec >−30 deg) using the Hitachi 32-m radio telescope in December 2012. The observations have been carried out daily, monitoring a spectrum of each source with intervals of 9–10 days. In September 2015, the number of the target sources and intervals were redesigned into 143 and 4–5 days, respectively. This monitoring provides us complete information on how many sources show periodic flux variations in high-mass star-forming regions, which have been detected in 20 sources with periods of 29.5–668 days so far (e.g., Goedhart et al. 2004). We have already obtained new detections of periodic flux variations in 31 methanol sources with periods of 22–409 days. These periodic flux variations must be a unique tool to investigate high-mass protostars themselves and their circumstellar structure on a very tiny spatial scale of 0.1–1 au.



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