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Kinematic asymmetry of galaxy pairs

  • Shuai Feng (a1) (a2), Shi-Yin Shen (a1) and Fang-Ting Yuan (a1)


The interaction between galaxies is believed to be the main origin of the peculiarities of galaxies. It can disturb not only the morphology but also the kinematics of galaxies. These disturbed and asymmetric features are the indicators of galaxy interaction. We study the velocity field of ionized gas in galaxy pairs based on MaNGA survey. Using the kinemetry package, we fit the velocity field and quantify the degree of kinematic asymmetry. We find that the fraction of high kinematic asymmetry is much higher for galaxy pairs with dp⩽30h−1kpc. Moreover, compared to a control sample of single galaxies, we find that the star formation rate is enhanced in paired galaxies with high kinematic asymmetry. For paired galaxies with low kinematic asymmetry, no significant SFR enhancement has been found. The galaxy pairs with high kinematic asymmetry are more likely to be real interacting galaxies rather than projected pairs.



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Kinematic asymmetry of galaxy pairs

  • Shuai Feng (a1) (a2), Shi-Yin Shen (a1) and Fang-Ting Yuan (a1)


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