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Isolated dwarf galaxies in the Local Group

  • Clare R. Higgs (a1), Alan W. McConnachie (a2) and the Solo Collaboration (a1) (a2)


The Solo (Solitary local) Dwarf Galaxy Survey is a volume limited sample of all nearby (< 3 Mpc) and isolated (> 300 kpc from the Milky Way or M31) dwarfs, with wide-field g and i imaging. This survey uses resolved stellar populations to parameterize these low mass systems. Comparison to the well studied satellite dwarfs characterizes the evolutionary impact of a large galaxy in close proximity. The deep, wide field nature of this survey also lends itself to searching for nearby substructures, both globular clusters and possible faint satellites.

Current work is focused on the 16 closest Solo dwarfs, all within the virial radius (approximately 1 Mpc) of the Local Group. This subset has been characterized using consistent methods, despite their diversity in stellar mass and apparent size. The analysis highlights the extended stellar structure and morphology. We will examine trends with star formation history, and separation from a large host. This first subset emphasizes the survey’s unique challenges and advantages.

The Solo Survey provides detailed look at the extended structure of dwarfs and characterizes the evolution of galaxies in the faint limit.



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Isolated dwarf galaxies in the Local Group

  • Clare R. Higgs (a1), Alan W. McConnachie (a2) and the Solo Collaboration (a1) (a2)


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