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Hard X-Ray Emission of Solar Flares Measured by Lomonosov Space Mission

  • Irina N. Myagkova (a1), Andrey V. Bogomolov (a1), Vitaly V. Bogomolov (a1) (a2), Sergey I. Svertilov (a1) (a2), Sergey Yu. Bobrovnikov (a1), Ivan V. Yashin (a1), Mikhail I. Panasyuk (a1) (a2), Vladimir V. Kalegaev (a1), Vasily L. Petrov (a1) and Svetlana S. Shishkova (a2)...


Solar hard X-ray and gamma-ray emission was measured by BDRG instrument, the part of set of instruments operated on board the Russian satellite Lomonosov from April 2016 until now (solar-synchronous orbit with altitude 490 km, inclination of 97.6 degrees). Lomonosov measurements (11 flares with the X-ray energy more than 10 keV, and more than half of them have class in soft X-rays less than C2) were compared to the data obtained by RHESSI and Fermi space observatories as well as the Nobeyama Radioheliograph operating at the same time. The quasi-periodicity with different periods were found in some of them.



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