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GK Car and GZ Nor: Two low-luminous, depleted RV Tauri stars

  • I. Gezer (a1) (a2), H. Van Winckel (a3), R. Manick (a3) and D. Kamath (a4) (a5)


RV Tauri stars are luminous population II Cepheids which show a characteristic light curve of alternating deep and shallow minima. There are 126 RV Tauri variables in our Galaxy. Using WISE [3.4]-[4.6], [12]-[22] diagram we show that Galactic RV Tauri stars show three main types of IR properties in their SEDs; disc-type, non-IR and uncertain, which does not show a clear characteristic in the SED. We also show that there is a strong correlation between disc-type SED and binarity (Gezer et al. 2015). RV Tauri stars were linked to post AGB stars in early studies (Jura 1986), however, recent studies show that their evolutionary nature is more complex than previously thought (Kamath & Van Winckel 2014, and Manick et al. 2018). In this study, we intentionally selected two RV Tauri stars, GK Car (disc-type) and GZ Nor (uncertain), with different IR characteristics to compare their chemical and photometric properties.



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GK Car and GZ Nor: Two low-luminous, depleted RV Tauri stars

  • I. Gezer (a1) (a2), H. Van Winckel (a3), R. Manick (a3) and D. Kamath (a4) (a5)


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