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Forming the Progenitors of Explosive Stellar Transients: Invited talk

  • S. Justham (a1)


Explosive stellar transients arise from diverse situations, including deaths of massive stars, a variety of thermonuclear outbursts, and compact-object mergers. Stellar interactions are heavily implicated in explaining the observed populations of events, and not only those where binarity is obviously involved. Relationships between these classes probably help to elucidate our understanding; for example; the production of double neutron-star mergers from field binaries is thought to be heavily biased towards routes involving stripped core-collapse supernovæ. As we gain an ever more synoptic view of the changing sky, theorists should be mindful of developing an ability to take robust quantitative advantage of the available population information to help constrain the physics. This is complementary to aiming for deep understanding of individual events.



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Forming the Progenitors of Explosive Stellar Transients: Invited talk

  • S. Justham (a1)


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