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CCMC Modeling of Magnetic Reconnection in Electron Diffusion Region Events

  • Patricia H. Reiff (a1), James M. Webster (a1), Antoun G. Daou (a1), Andrew Marshall (a1), Stanislav Y. Sazykin (a1), Lutz Rastaetter (a2), Daniel T. Welling (a3), Darren DeZeeuw (a3), Maria M. Kuznetsova (a2), Alex Glocer (a2) and Christopher T. Russell (a4)...


We use numerical simulations from the Community Coordinated Modeling Center to provide, for the first time, a coherent temporal description of the magnetic reconnection process of two dayside Electron Diffusion Regions (EDRs) identified in Magnetospheric Multiscale Mission data. The model places the MMS spacecraft near the separator line in these most intense and long-lived events. A listing of 31 dayside EDRs identified by the authors is provided to encourage collaboration in analysis of these unique encounters.



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