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Use of organic acids mixture as an option to replace antibiotic growth promoters in poultry diets

  • Ali Asghar Saki (a1), Mojtaba Haghighat (a1) and Poya Zamani (a1)


Antibiotic growth promotion in agricultural animal production has been practiced for about 50 year in the United States and other countries. Early indications were for a beneficial effect on production efficiency in poultry and swine. There were early concerns about the development of antibiotic resistance in human pathogens resulting in recommendations to ban sub therapeutic use in animal feeds. One of the best alternatives for antibiotic growth promoters are organic acids. Organic acids mixtures have been shown to be an effective alternative to eliminate salmonellas in feeds and chickens. Various organic acid combinations were tested to prevent Salmonella contamination through the ration in day-old chicks, and it was observed that a mixture of formic (70%) and propionic acid (30%), was efficient to eliminate S. enteritidis and S. thyphimurium, both of great importance in human health and increase growth rate in broiler.


Corresponding author


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