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The reduction of nutrient digestibility and energy concentration from maintenance feeding (sheep) to production feeding (lactating dairy cows) in grass silage-based diets

  • T. Yan (a1), C. P. Ferris (a1), R. E. Agnew (a1) and F. J. Gordon (a1)


AFRC (1993) recommends a reduction of proportionately 0.018 in dietary metabolisble energy (ME) concentration with each unit increase in feeding level above maintenance in dairy cows (feeding level is calculated as total ME intake divided by ME requirement for maintenance). A similar value (0.016) was reported recently by Yan et al. (2001) using a number of linear and multiple regression techniques with lactating dairy cows offered grass silage-based diets. The objectives of the present study were to validate these two values and also to evaluate the effects of feeding level on nutrient digestibility and ME concentration in the mixed diets.



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Agricultural and Food Research Council. 1993. Energy and protein requirements of ruminants. CAB International, Wallingford, Oxon, UK.
Yan, T. and Agnew, R. E. and Gordon, F. J. 2001. The prediction of digestible and metabolisable energy concentrations in grass-based diets of producing cattle using data determined through sheep at maintenance feeding level. In: The Proceedings of Annual Meeting of British Society of Animal Science, p. 92, York, England.


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