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The effect of inclusion of Natupro in the grower pig diet on nitrogen utilisation, retention, excretion and digestibility

  • R. M. Casserly (a1) (a2), V. E. Beattie (a2), J. J. Callan (a1), R. W. Henry (a2) and J. V. O’Doherty (a1)...


With the ban on the use of mammalian protein in the EU and the implementation of restrictive use of fishmeal in animal diets coupled with the increased legislative pressures to reduce nitrogen output from animal production, there is an increased requirement for an alternative protein source, which is lower in overall crude protein percentage while still meeting the animal’s optimum amino acid requirement. Natupro is an alternative nutritionally enhanced GMO free vegetable protein, which carefully matches all of the above criteria, as it is low in crude protein (36%) with a controlled release of amino acid mechanism (Natupro amino acid analysis Table 2). Glucosamine is the inspiration behind Natupro, the combination of sugars and amine moites gave rise to the concept of a sugar carrier, which is the mechanism Natupro uses for the consistent controlled release of amino acids over time. The objective of this current experiment is to access the effect of inclusion of Natupro in the grower pigs diet on nitrogen retention, utilisation, excretion and digestibility.


Corresponding author


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