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The effect of feeding fermented wet mash on the gut microbiology of the broiler chicken

  • J. D. Beal (a1), E.N. Uchewa (a1) and P. H. Brooks (a1)


The control of enteropathogens at farm level is an important aspect of food safety. Contamination of poultry carcasses and eggs with human enteropathogens such as Salmonella spp and Campylobacter spp and subsequent dissemination through in the food chain continues to be a public health concern. In pigs, surveillance studies have shown that feeding liquid diets, and particularly fermented liquid diets reduces the incidence of Salmonella positive herds. Liquid pig feed fermented with lactic acid bacteria for 24 h at 30°C contains ca 200 mMol L-1 of lactic acid and has a pH of 3.8-4.0. This renders the feed resistant to contamination by potential pathogens and, when challenged with high doses of Salmonella or E. coli these organisms are rapidly eliminated from the feed (Beal et al 2002). Feeding fermented liquid feed (FLF) to pigs lowers the gastric pH to 4 or less, reduces the coliform population and increases the lactic acid bacteria: coliform ratio (LAB: Coli) in the gut (van Winsen et al 2001, Scholten et al 2002). The objective of this study was to determine if similar beneficial effects on the gut microflora could be achieved in poultry fed fermented mash diets.



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The effect of feeding fermented wet mash on the gut microbiology of the broiler chicken

  • J. D. Beal (a1), E.N. Uchewa (a1) and P. H. Brooks (a1)


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