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Comparison of bovine rumen liquor and bovine faeces as sources of micro-organisms for the in vitro gas production technique for assessing silages of maize and maize plant fractions

  • U.R. Altaf (a1), R. Mauricio (a1), F.L. Mould (a1), T. Smith (a1), E. Owen (a1), R.H. Phipps (a1) and M.K. Theodorou (a2)...


A previous study (Mauricio et al., 1998) with 12 forage substrates (straw, hay and dried grasses) showed a high correlation between rumen liquor and faeces for total gas production and in vitro organic matter digestibility (OMD). However parameters estimated using faecal inoculum were generally lower man when using rumen liquor. To confirm this observation, a second study was conducted using maize silage and silages made from maize plant fractions.



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Theodorou, M.K., Williams, B.A., Dhanoa, M.S., McAllan, A.B. and France, J. 1994. A simple gas production method using a pressure transducer to determine the fermentation kinetics of ruminant feeds. Animal Feed Science and Technology 48:185197.
France, J., Dhanoa, M.S., Theodorou, M.K., , Lister, S.J., Davies, S.J. and Isaac, D. 1993. A model to interpret gas accumulation profiles with in vitro degradation of ruminant feeds. Journal of Theoretical Biology 163:99111.
Mauricio, R.M., Abdalla, A.L., Mould, F.L., Altaf, U.R., Smith, T., Owen, E., Givens, D.I., Dhanoa, M.S and Theodorou, M.K. 1998. Comparison of bovine rumen liquor and faeces as sources of micro-organisms for the in vitro gas production technique assessed using twelve graminaceous forages. BSAS Annual Winter Meeting.


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