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Effect of Basal Diet on Sheep Rumen Degradability of Different Feedstuffs

  • M.A. Chaso (a1), T. Manso (a1), F.J. Giráldez (a1) and A.R. Mantecón (a1)


The provision of grain supplements to ruminants provide extra fermentable organic matter for the rumen microbial biomass, but often results in a lower whole efficient of ruminal digestion (Obara et al., 1991; Weakley et al., 1983). The present study was conducted to evaluate the effect of different basal diets on rumen degradability of several feedstuffs.

Ruminal digestion of three feedstuffs - soybean meal (SBM), lucerne hay (LH) and barley straw (BS) - was determined by in saccomethod according a 2 × 3 factorial design defined by 2 basal diets - lucerne hay (H) or lucerne hay plus barley (40:60; HB) - and three churra ewes fitted with ruminal cannula.



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