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A comparison of the carcass and meat quality characteristics of piemontese - and charolais-cross cattle at the same subcutaneous fat proportion

  • A.V. Fisher (a1), G.R. Nute (a1) and M.H. Davies (a2)


Since the early 1980's there has been a growing interest in the Italian Piemontese breed as a crossing sire breed for use on dairy cows in the United Kingdom. Early interest was centred on ease of calving, growth performance and carcass yields but more recently there have been claims that the Piemontese breed produces meat which ranks highly for tenderness. The aim of this study was to evaluate carcass and meat qualities of Piemontese - sired cattle out of the British dairy herd by comparing these characteristics with similar and contemporaneous Charolais - sired cattle.



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1. Scott, B.M. 1981. The use of Piedmont bulls on dairy cows. Report of a study tour undertaken in Holland, May 1980. MAFF. ADAS Study Tour Programme 1980/81
2. Desterfais, G. 1988. In ‘La Came Bovina’ 7 Supplemento al “Quaderno Agricolo” (Desterfais, G. and Solavagione, G.,eds.) Federagrario, Torino
3. Unpublished data from Meat Animal Research Center, Clay Center, Nebraska.


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