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Remarks by Cynthia Price Cohen

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1 Convention on the Rights of the Child, Nov. 20, 1989, 18 I.L.M. 1448 (1989), corrected at 29 I.L.M. 1340 (1990) (entered into force Sep. 2, 1990).

2 Among those new rights are the right to foster care and adoption and the right to identity. Id. arts. 20-21, 8.

3 Other current Committee members—all of whom have been with the Committee for more than two years— are from Barbados, Brazil, Israel and the Russian Federation.

4 The clustering of the Convention’s articles to facilitate state party reporting was first initiated by the Committee in 1991. See Committee on the Rights of the Child: General Guidelines Regarding the Form and Content of Initial Reports to be Submitted by States Parties under Article 44, Paragraph (a) of the Convention, U.N. Doc. CRC/C/5 (Oct. 30, 1991); U.N. Doc. A/47/41 at Annex III (1992). In its Guidelines the Committee has designated four articles as the Convention’s overriding principles: article 2 (non-discrimination); article 3 (the best interests of the child); article 6 (the right to life and survival); and article 12 (right to express own views). The Committee has now drafted an expanded version of the Guidelines for states parties use when submitting their “periodic” reports, which states parties are required to submit five years after the initial reports (seven years after becoming states parties).

5 Provisional Rules of Procedure, Committee on the Rights of the Child, 1st Sess., 22nd mtg., U.N. Doc. CRC/C/4 (1991); see also U.N. Doc. CRC/C/4 (1992); U.N. Doc. A/47/41, Annex IV (1992).

6 The 1997 General Discussion Day will be held on October 6, 1997, and will cover the rights of the disabled child.

7 Members of the Committee have traveled to various locations in Asia, Latin America and Africa. These meetings had several purposes: 1) to acquaint Committee members with the actual situations in which children’s rights are to be applied; 2) to bring the Convention into public awareness.

8 Although many countries have been late in submitting their initial reports, the Committee is continuing its examination of the reports at a steady pace. (At each session the Committee reviews approximately six reports; over seventy had been reviewed at the time of this writing.) However, because of the slow progress, the Committee will begin to review periodic reports before the initial reports for all states parties have been completed.

Remarks by Cynthia Price Cohen

  • Cynthia Price Cohen (a1)


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