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Psychological Distress Following Urban Earthquakes in California

  • Linda B. Bourque (a1), Judith M. Siegel (a2) and Kimberley I. Shoaf (a3)


During and following a disaster caused by a natural event, human populations are thought to be at greater risk of psychological morbidity and mortality directly attributable to increased, disaster-induced stress. Drawing both on the research of others and that conducted at the Center for Public Health and Disaster Relief of the University of California-Los Angeles (UCLA) following California earthquakes, this paper examines the extent to which research evidence supports these assumptions. Following a brief history of disaster research in the United States, the response of persons at the time of an earthquake was examined with particular attention to psychological morbidity; the number of deaths that can be attributed to cardiovascular events and suicides; and the extent to which and by whom, health services are used following an earthquake. The implications of research findings for practitioners in the field are discussed.


Corresponding author

PhD Box 951772, School of Public Health, Center for the Health Sciences, Los Angeles, California 90095–1772 USA E-mail:


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Psychological Distress Following Urban Earthquakes in California

  • Linda B. Bourque (a1), Judith M. Siegel (a2) and Kimberley I. Shoaf (a3)


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