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X-ray powder diffraction data for niclosamide, C13H8N2O4Cl2

  • Liu Qi Guo (a1), Kai Lin Xu (a1), Xiao Li Ma (a1), Shan Shan Li (a1) and Hui Li (a1)...


Experimental X-ray powder diffraction data, unit-cell parameters, and space group for niclosamide, C13H8N2O4Cl2, are reported [a = 13.571(1) Å, b = 7.181(8) Å, c = 13.742(3) Å, β = 97.984(7)°, unit-cell volume V = 1326.40 Å3, Z = 4, and space group P21/c]. All measured lines were indexed and are consistent with the P21/c space group. No detectable impurity was observed.


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X-ray powder diffraction data for niclosamide, C13H8N2O4Cl2

  • Liu Qi Guo (a1), Kai Lin Xu (a1), Xiao Li Ma (a1), Shan Shan Li (a1) and Hui Li (a1)...


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