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X-ray powder diffraction data for 1-methylhydantoin, an antiasthmatic and antidepressive hydantoin compound

  • Gerzon E. Delgado (a1), Asiloé J. Mora (a1), Jines E. Contreras (a1) and Cecilia Chacón (a2)


X-ray powder diffraction data, unit cell parameters, and space group for 1-methylhydantoin, C4H6N2O2, are reported [a = 5.6070(9) Å, b = 12.170(1) Å, c = 8.097(1) Å, β = 105.41(1), Z = 4, unit cell volume V = 532.66(9) Å3, with M20 = 50.2 and F30 = 62.2 (0.0082, 59)]. All measured lines were indexed and are consistent with the monoclinic P21/c space group.


Corresponding author

a) Author to whom correspondence should be addressed. Electronic mail:


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