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Tetragonal low-temperature phase of MgCr2O4

  • H. Ehrenberg (a1), M. Knapp (a1), C. Baehtz (a1) and S. Klemme (a2)


Magnesiumchromite, MgCr2O4, undergoes a structural transition from a cubic spinel structure [space group Fd3m, a=8.32768(4) Å at 16 K] into a tetragonal distorted structure [space group I41/amd, a=5.89199(5) Å, c=8.31677(8) Å at 10 K], isotypic with Hausmannite, Mn3O4. This phase transition is translationengleich and takes place very close or at the antiferromagnetic ordering temperature.


Corresponding author

a)Author to whom correspondence should be addressed; electronic mail:; phone: +49 6151 164391; fax: +49 6151 166023.


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Tetragonal low-temperature phase of MgCr2O4

  • H. Ehrenberg (a1), M. Knapp (a1), C. Baehtz (a1) and S. Klemme (a2)


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