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Synthesis and crystal structure refinement by the Rietveld method of antimony-bearing titanite Ca(Ti0.6Al0.2Sb0.2)OSiO4

  • Fernando Colombo (a1) and Elisa V. Pannunzio Miner (a2)


A synthetic analogue, Ca(Ti0.6Al0.2Sb0.2)OSiO4, of antimony-bearing titanite of a composition similar to that found at St. Marcel-Praborna (Italy) was synthesized using ceramic methods and the crystal structure was refined using the Rietveld method. Unit-cell dimensions (in Å) are a=7.0184(1), b=8.7097(2), c=6.5586(1), and β=113.700(1)°. The substitution of 40% Ti by (Al+Sb) in octahedra causes a loss of long-range coherency of the off-centered Ti atoms. The space group of Sb-bearing titanite is A2/a, like other cases of M3+-M5+-doped titanites. This study confirms that titanite with up to 0.2 Sb atom per f.u. can exist and that the substitution scheme is 2Ti4+↔Al3++Sb5+.


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Synthesis and crystal structure refinement by the Rietveld method of antimony-bearing titanite Ca(Ti0.6Al0.2Sb0.2)OSiO4

  • Fernando Colombo (a1) and Elisa V. Pannunzio Miner (a2)


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