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Synthesis and characterization of a new trimetallic compound (NH4)Ni2.4Co0.6O(OH)(MoO4)2•1.5H2O

  • Sandra Amaya (a1), Johana Arboleda (a1) and Adriana Echavarría (a1)


A new trimetallic compound with formula (NH4)Ni2.4Co0.6O(OH)(MoO4)2•1.5H2O was obtained by hydrothermal synthesis. The solid was characterized by X-ray diffraction, thermal analysis (thermogravimetric analysis and differential thermal analysis), Fourier-transformed infrared spectroscopy, Laser Raman spectroscopy, and chemical analysis by atomic absorption, confirming the formation of the layered phase ϕ y . Crystallographic studies showed that the compound obtained is trigonal with hexagonal unit-cell parameters, a = 6.0468 ± 0.0016 Å and c = 21.8433 ± 0.0001 Å, and space group R-3m.


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Synthesis and characterization of a new trimetallic compound (NH4)Ni2.4Co0.6O(OH)(MoO4)2•1.5H2O

  • Sandra Amaya (a1), Johana Arboleda (a1) and Adriana Echavarría (a1)


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