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Solid solubility and superconductivity of Fe y Te1−x X x (X = Se, S)

  • Z. N. Guo (a1), B. L. Han (a1), P. Li (a1), H. H. Zhang (a1) and W. X. Yuan (a1)...


In this work, we present a systematic study on the solid solution, lattice parameters and superconductivity on the Fe y Te1−x X x (X = Se, S) system. It has been found that the limit of the Te-site doping with Se and S is around 0.5 and 0.15, respectively. The solid solution with the Fe content changing is also measured in this work, and the single-phase region for preparing pure sample is presented. Based on the magnetic susceptibility measurements, we presented a three-dimensional graph for showing the variation of superconducting critical temperature as a function of both the chalcogen and Fe content in Fe y Te1−x X x .


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