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Simultaneous measurement of X-ray powder diffraction and ferroelectric polarisation data as a function of applied electric field at a range of frequencies

  • Stephanie Ryding (a1), Robert Cernik (a1), Jenny Wooldridge (a2), Tim L Burnett (a2), Mark Stewart (a2), Carlo Vecchini (a2), Markys G. Cain (a2), Alistair Lennie (a3), Fajin Yuan (a3), Chiu Tang (a3) and Paul Thompson (a4)...


A variable frequency ferroelectric polarisation measurement system has been designed and built at the UK's Diamond Light Source. The electric field induced phase transitions in Pb(Zr1xTix)O3 (PZT) have been used to test the facility via in-situ measurements of electric polarisation and XRD. Stroboscopic and real time data collection methods on polycrystalline samples were employed as a function of frequency to determine the dynamic ferroelectric response. The system has been shown to deliver XRD patterns of good statistical quality measured over 40 points of a ferroelectric PE loop. The system is now available on station I11 as a user facility at the Diamond Light Source.



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