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Rietveld refinement of the solid-solution series: (Cu,Mg)SO4·H2O

  • C. L. Lengauer (a1) and G. Giester (a1)


The kieserite-type solid-solution series of synthetic (Cu,Mg)SO4·H2O was investigated by TG-analysis and X-ray powder diffraction using the Rietveld method. Representatives with Cu≥20 mol% are triclinic distorted () analogous to the poitevinite (Cu,Fe)SO4·H2O compounds. Cation site ordering with preference of Cu for the more distorted M1 site was additionally proven by the structure refinement.


Corresponding author

a)Author to whom correspondence should be addressed.


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Rietveld refinement of the solid-solution series: (Cu,Mg)SO4·H2O

  • C. L. Lengauer (a1) and G. Giester (a1)


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