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Quantitative mineraiogical analyses of carbonate rich sediments by X-ray powder diffraction

  • A. M. Mansour (a1), W. E. Piller (a2) and C. L. Lengauer (a3)


The quantitative analysis of carbonate rich materials is tested with conventional and Rietveld methods. In the case of artificial mixtures of aragonite, calcite, Mg-calcite and quartz the Rietveld method provides reliable results with a maximum deviation of ±5 wt %. In the natural samples, however, the conventional methods give more reliable results in comparison to chemical and sedimentological measurements. This is caused by the peak overlap of calcite/Mg-calcite, peak roadening of the Mg-calcite, and the difficulties in the refinement of minor amounts of feldspar phases.



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Quantitative mineraiogical analyses of carbonate rich sediments by X-ray powder diffraction

  • A. M. Mansour (a1), W. E. Piller (a2) and C. L. Lengauer (a3)


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