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Powder X-ray diffraction data for innelite

  • Gunnar Raade (a1) and Hans-Jørgen Berg (a1)


X-ray powder data originally published for innelite—Na2Ba3(Ba, K, Mn)(Ca, Na)Ti(TiO2)2[Si2O7]2(SO4)2—were erroneously those of catapleiite. The new data reported here are compared with powder data calculated from the published structure. The cell is triclinic (space group P1, Z=1), a=14.71(1) Å, b=7.115(7) Å, c=5.379(4) Å, α=90.02(7)°, β=94.68(8)°, γ=98.43(9)°, V=555.0(6) Å3, F30=5.2(0.053,109).



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Powder X-ray diffraction data for innelite

  • Gunnar Raade (a1) and Hans-Jørgen Berg (a1)


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