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Powder X-Ray Diffraction Data for Ca2Bi2O5and C4Bi6O13

  • C.J. Rawn (a1), R.S. Roth (a1) and H.F. McMurdie (a1)


Single crystals and powder samples of Ca2Bi5O5and Ca4Bi6O13have been synthesized and studied using single crystal X-ray diffraction as well as X-ray and neutron powder diffraction. Unit cell dimensions were calculated using a least squares analysis that refined to a δ2θof no more than 0.03°. A triclinic cell was found with space group , a = 10.1222(7), b = 10.1466(6), c = 10.4833(7) Å. α= 116.912(5), β= 107.135(6) and γ= 92.939(6)°, Z = 6 for the Ca2Bi2O5compound. An orthorhombic cell was found with space group C2mm, a = 17.3795(5), b = 5.9419(2) and c = 7.2306(2) Å, Z = 2 for the Ca4Bi6O13compound.



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